You are Invited!

Ms Fit

December 21th – 30th
7am – 2pm

All equipment (except for white/gray Paramount machines) will be on sale.

Treadmills, Elipticals, all Cardio and miscellaneous pieces MUST GO!

Don’t Miss It!

To: Our faithful members and friends
From: Bob and Annette Simper

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” Bob and I have been thinking about our retirement. We have many times considered our exit strategy, but could never bring ourselves to make a decision on when or even how one does retire from a business such as ours.

Many of you have been members here at Ms. Fit from the beginning of our company in 2001. You, most of all, are like family. We knew it would be difficult to think about retirement when so many of you have been so faithful for so long.

Most clubs are notoriously known for locking their doors and walking away without any explanation. They leave members without the opportunity to recoup any of their losses. We simply refuse to do business that way. You have invested in Ms. Fit in good faith. Therefore, a sincere good faith effort to repay you is the least we can do. We are currently making repayment arrangements for members who purchased services and were unable to utilize them. These services include personal training, massage and nutrition sessions. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this process. annette@msfit.net

Our wish is that all of you will continue on your journey toward improved health and fitness. Saying goodbye to our team of employees has been so tough because they, above all, have poured heart, soul, mind, strength, talent and time into Ms. Fit’s members. They have done this for pennies in comparison to their value. They serve out of a heart of love for each member and a passion for the health and fitness industry.

I’ve often considered what it means to leave behind a legacy. I don’t know what our legacy will be, but I believe in part you will write it by the way you remember us from Elaine Powers Figure Salons, Naturally Women Fitness Centers, and Ms Fit Health Clubs. Our abiding appreciation and affection for you is more than you know. We’ve run the race to the end. We’ve finished strong together.

Singing our Swan Song; Bob and Annette Simper