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Ms. Fit is genuinely ALL about YOU.  Give us a few details. Tell us about your challenges, your wishes and your fitness goals.  We will do everything we can to make your experience with us a complete success.

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Ms Fit, Newly Remodel

MsFit RemodelWe’ve had a “makeover”.  A lift here, a tuck there, some new features and Wow!  We look better than ever!  Come in and check out our new aerobic wood flooring in the class room. The bathroom additions make everything look shiney and new. We are working hard to give you the BEST!

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Stay on Track this Labor Day Weekend
Think outside the box to stay healthy this Labor Day Weekend!

Think outside the box to stay healthy this Labor Day Weekend!


A Labor Day weekend barbecue is a perfect way to cap off the summer, and also a perfect way to completely derail a healthy diet. If you don’t develop a plan of action, the bad habits will creep in now and not stop until after the holidays are over. In addition, overindulging over the long weekend can take days to recover from. I think we’ve all had food hangovers that have lasted for what felt like days – and who has time for such an energy drain? However, you can have a great time, indulge a little, and avoid feeling drained of energy, if you just set a couple of guidelines for yourself.

1) Do your socializing away from the buffet table. When you stand and chat with friends right next to all the food, the sights and smells of all the fat, sugar, and calorie-laden food will make it that much harder to avoid those second and third helpings. Once you have put food on your plate, step away from the table!

2) It is okay to indulge in the “bad” food, as long as you don’t throw portion sizes out the window. Most likely, the majority of the food at a typical barbecue isn’t going to be healthy. And it’s okay! In fact, you should allow yourself to have a treat every so often, so as not to feel deprived. However, you can avoid turning an indulgence into a complete, guilt-ridden disaster by using your hand as an easy way to determine how much to serve yourself (as outlined below).

  • palm of hand = protein serving
  • 1 cupped hand = starchy carb serving (i.e. potatoes)
  • 2 cupped hands = complex carb serving (i.e. fruits and green veggies, whole grains)
  • scant palmful = healthy fat serving (i.e. avocados, almonds, extra virgin olive oil)

3) Use the smallest plate available, and choose your calories wisely. As far as I’m concerned, if I’m going to waste calories on nutrient-deficient, high-calorie foods (such as desserts or potato-based dishes), I’m only going to eat what I really enjoy, and I won’t eat something just because it’s there. Oftentimes, we have the mentality that if it’s there, we should at least sample it. However, it is much harder to keep track of exactly how much you’re consuming that way.

As far as fitness is concerned, it is easy here in the desert to find a family activity that also keeps you active. A short hike with the little ones (or a longer hike if your littles aren’t so little anymore!) or a family bike ride are both fun ideas. These are not only popular holiday weekend activities, but choosing to have family activities center around moving is an excellent influence on your children/family. Other ideas are going swimming, heading to the trampoline park, or organizing a neighborhood Labor Day sports competition.

Finally, have fun, and relax! If you eat healthy and exercise 90% of the time, enjoying a treat every now and then won’t have much effect on your body.

Now that you’re armed with this food mishap avoidance ammo, you can feel confident that you’ll have a fun time this weekend, and still feel great and energized all next week! No more Tuesday-morning food hangovers.

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